Upholstery Cleaning

We all have some sort of upholstery at home, it can be the back of our bed, the cozy and comfy sofas, couch, or some upholstered chair in your study. Though the upholstered furniture looks classy and graceful, it is not easy to keep up with such a delicate piece of fabric. Especially when you have kids and toddlers at home, it gets very tough to manage the cleanliness and avoid stains on your favorite piece of furniture. If you are more of a party person who gets into frequent get-togethers at home, it becomes more obvious to get the upholstery stained and dirty.

At Carpet Cleaning Services DC, we do more than what your blotting and cleaning tricks could do. We ensure that your furniture is never damaged while working on the upholstery and our experts use their years of experience to get an ever new finish to the furniture. We always prefer to use the products which are organic and does not cause any damage to the fabric on their use. Our cleaning process is well defined from washing to cleaning and drying. We work to deliver you the class and offer you 24/7 assistance. Reach us today for a quick quote for upholstery cleaning in DC.